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PLEASE NOTE: I took two years away from weddings to focus on my growing family. I’m back and as excited as ever! I have availability starting immediately in case you are in a lurch, or further down the road if you’re just starting to plan.

Hello and welcome to my site! A bit about me, the guy standing behind the lens hoping the priest remembers to move out of the way of ‘the first kiss shot.’ I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and attended film school in Montana. I moved to Connecticut in 2007 to chase down the woman of my dreams who is now my wife of 10 years (a decade already??) and a wonderful mother to my excessively precocious daughter.

I enjoy being outdoors with my wife, daughter, friends, and my dog, Montana, as well as being on and underneath the water. On dry land I prefer to pedal and run, wait what’s that? There is a triathlon next week? I’m in! If something is fun or sounds exciting I'll give it a try.

I take the same approach to photographing weddings and I love photographing unique and fun events. Why shoot something the same way everyone else has? Let's try something new!

For 8 years or so I was a freelance lighting designer in the film industry, and I carry that expertise into my photography. Instagram filters are fun, but they won’t fix bad lighting. Nowadays I have a day job during the week as a video producer for a publication based out of New York City. It’s a cool job, I get to travel to a lot of places throughout the year. It’s not exactly making blockbusters though, so my creative itch is not being scratched.

We’re full circle back to photographing weddings, hopefully YOUR wedding. With a full time job, a growing family, and serious hobbies, I am not the factory photographer locked into shooting 40 weddings a year. I shoot a small number and keep my energy high and ideas fresh. If you are planning a unique wedding, if you truly care about the quality of your images and not the quantity, (who needs 5 different pictures of the same picture of shoes?) and are interested in working together to capture some really fun photos, then let’s have a chat. I’d be happy to work out a quote for you.

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